5 Reasons to Visit San Francisco Now

San Francisco is one of the American cities that have been changing so fast in the recent years. Well, there’s nothing to worry about since the touristy classics in this beautiful city aren’t going anywhere. Travelers who have been here agree that there’s way too more to the city than the antique cable cars and expensive apartments. San Francisco is home to some of the most beautiful and spectacular urban landscapes in the country. Exploring this incredible city by the Bay reveals great shopping areas, cultural diversity, and diverse neighborhoods. Here’s why you must start planning for a San Francisco trip or vacation this year. 

The Culinary Scene

The city’s diversity clearly shows in its food. If you’re looking to discover new dishes, San Francisco has got you covered. The city is home to a wide range of restaurants with cuisine from all around the world. Burmese restaurants abound in San Francisco so you want to make sure Burmese food is on your itinerary of the eateries here. Restaurants serve fresh authentic meals as they are able source fresh farm produces and seafood from the surrounding areas in California. Don’t be afraid to venture outside the city limits for more delicious dishes. 


The murky waters that surround the city are a great source of halibut, mussels, and the crab which have since become inseparable with San Francisco’s identity. Everyone here seems to treasure oysters more than anything else. You wouldn’t want to leave San Francisco before trying the local staple at the San Oyster Depot of Polk. And remember to order fresh oysters. It might just turn out to be the highlight of your vacation in San Francisco. 


It looks like efforts to dislodge and relocate the Chinese community from San Francisco’s Chinatown over the years have never come to fruition. Chinese migrants arrived to the areas during the 1849 Gold Rush and took advantage of the opportunities they found. The vibrant cultural enclave in the middle of the city is packed with culture and art waiting to be explored and experienced. Chinatown is also home to sundry stores, laundries, Chinese-owned restaurants, and much more. This is a must visit destination for anyone coming to San Francisco. 


If you’re a sports enthusiast, you wouldn’t want to miss the baseball season at AT&T Park from April to October. The park’s central location allows for easy access using public transport. Take a behind-the-scenes tour of the park and take in spectacular views of the Bay area when you’re not watching San Francisco’s Giants play. The basketball season runs from October to April so you don’t want to miss that as well. Sports teams that call the Bay area home include the San Francisco 49ers football team, San Jose Sharks hockey team, and the San Jose Earthquakes major league soccer team. 

Themed Bars

The Tiki culture almost became extinct in the ‘90s but San Francisco seems to have gotten it back with over a dozen Tiki bars opening across the city in the last decade. Why not experience the culture at one of the Tiki bars? The fact that San Francisco is located in one of the world’s largest wine production regions means you can’t leave before sampling the local liquids here.