Unsafe Countries to Travel to in 2020

As a precautionary measure for the safety of its citizens abroad, the U.S Department of State issues travels advisories for the countries it considers to be dangerous. However, some unsafe nations do not feature in the travel advisories. To help you with ensuring smooth and enjoyable adventures around the globe, the following are some of the most unsafe countries to visit in 2020. 

Middle East 

Quite several countries in the Middle East have been flagged as dangerous to travelers on most occasions. The countries that appear at the top of that list include Yemen, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria. Apart from the constant political unrest, those countries are also hotbeds of gender discrimination, kidnappings, murders, and health risks. 


While Japan has for many years been one of the most visited tourist destinations in the world, visiting the Asian nation could be dangerous. Most parts of the world experience natural disasters from time to time but, Japan experiences some of the worst earthquakes that often result in massive property destruction and deaths. That is the greatest danger that could ruin your trip to Japan. 


Generally, there are various safe destinations in Africa. However, it is also home to a handful of dangerous countries with reputations of kidnappings, gender violence, killings, muggings, and human trafficking. The most unsafe African nations that you should think carefully about visiting this year include Libya, Somalia, South Sudan, Central African Republic, Congo, and South Africa. 


India has continued to receive significant attention as one of the most beautiful travel destinations. However, it can also be a dangerous place, especially for foreign tourists. Besides the high crime rates, India also scores very low in terms of gender discrimination, sexual violence, and medical threats. 

Regardless of where you visit, every destination has unique safety concerns. The best way to ensuring safe and memorable trips is to carefully research the risks and plan the itinerary according to the threats.